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Re: Bug#353480: yaird: [hppa] /dev/sd* device nodes not created and eth0 not enabled

Le samedi 18 février 2006 à 20:07 -0500, Kyle McMartin a écrit :
> On Sun, Feb 19, 2006 at 01:59:34AM +0100, Frans Pop wrote:
> > Thanks for this update Kyle. That should fix the issue in the near future.
> > 
> > Any opinions on switching from yaird to initramfs-tools for D-I?
> It appears to be a bit of a contentious issue... I have no preference,
> Jeff Bailey or LaMont might be a better to comment.

As the original author of initramfs-tools, I'm hardly in an unbiased
position here.  =) Also, I'd hate to be the one to reopen the debate on
the differences.  http://wiki.debian.org/InitrdReplacementOptions has a
slightly out-of-date, but generally accurate comparison of the two.

The best I can offer is that Ubuntu used initramfs-tools for our Breezy
release, and continues to do so for our Dapper release.  The concept in
itself has been flexible enough for our LiveCDs, for our system bootup,
for embedded systems using loopback images and for thin-client setups.
hppa is one of the targets we released, so there shouldn't be any
blockers to using initramfs-tools

Jeff Bailey

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