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Re: D-I Beta2 - Status update

[trimmed down the CC-list]

On 2/5/06, Frans Pop <aragorn@tiscali.nl> wrote:

> ===================
> Besides not having up-to-date 2.6 kernel udebs, hppa and m68k are
> currently not installable in either testing or unstable.
> Reason is FTBFS problems for packages in base which result in base not
> being installable. The reason that this also affects testing is that
> issues for these architectures are currently being ignored for migrations
> to testing.
> If these issues are not resolved before Beta2 is ready, this will probably
> mean hppa and/or m68k cannot be included in the release.

Could you please elaborate? That's the first time I hear about base
packages FTBFS on hppa.



Thibaut VARENE

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