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D-I Beta2 - Status update

Almost all packages targeted for Beta2 have now been uploaded and so far 
we've not seen any regressions.

The only package that currently looks like it will need another upload is 
partman-auto-lvm in which some bugs were discovered during testing.

I will start moving udebs to testing this week, starting with those that 
should not break Beta1.

Development work can continue, but please do not upload any packages 
without consulting first.

2.6.15-4 was uploaded just before the weekend and currently has no RC bugs 
that will prevent its migration to testing. Steve Langasek seems in favor 
of hinting this kernel into testing early.

This means that ports should update their 2.6.15 kernel udebs to 2.6.15-4 
as soon as possible. Some ports have already done so, but the following 
still need the update: alpha, arm, ia64, powerpc.

Two ports are still on older 2.6 kernel versions: hppa (2.6.14) and m68k 
For hppa an update to current 2.6.15 is a requirement for inclusion in the 
For m68k AFAICT the 2.6 kernel udebs are not actually used yet, so this  
needs not block the release (but needs to be disabled in d-i config).

Besides not having up-to-date 2.6 kernel udebs, hppa and m68k are 
currently not installable in either testing or unstable.
Reason is FTBFS problems for packages in base which result in base not 
being installable. The reason that this also affects testing is that 
issues for these architectures are currently being ignored for migrations 
to testing.
If these issues are not resolved before Beta2 is ready, this will probably 
mean hppa and/or m68k cannot be included in the release.

The alpha port planned to default to 2.6.15 for Beta2, but this has not 
yet been implemented (was waiting for 2.6.15-4 probably). Please do so 
ASAP if this is still the intention.

The powerpc port currently has two issues: a too large root floppy and 
some kernel images not being built resulting in cd building failures. 
Svel Luther has promised to look into these issues and it is expected 
these will be resolved in time for the release.

As it looks now, s/390 will not be part of Beta2 although progress has 
been made on getting back parted support.

As promised, I will send an updated planning after 2.6.15 migrates to 


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