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FLT CBFB when initializing second graphics card


I tried to find a solution for this, but all my current investigations
where out of success.

I have here a B1000 which perfectly runs under Debian, congratulations
to the porters! Well, since we try to setup the machine as a client
for business purposes we need a graphical desktop as well. And the
choice of weapons is GNOME of course.

The configuration and everything else is working. It might be a bit
tricky to configure, the documentation is spreaded around the net, but
finally I got it working with the original card, a A4977A, which can
just display 8-bit colors.

Well, useless to say this is too less nowadays and so we thought to
build in a PCI graphics card from the good old days, a Matrox
Millenuim II.

We got the config so that the console is displayed with the default
card, the X window system should go through the other card (our
monitor has two line-in for and is able to switch automatically). Now
what happens is that as soon as the Matrox card is initialized the
screen goes black for a moment, the CDROM light flashes shortly and
then the system is dead.

The only message we see is FLT CBFB on the LCD display at the front of
the workstation. On the screen we see as last message "Backtrace:"  at
the bottom-left corner, that's all.

Has now anyone an idea how to get this thing working?

Many thanks in advance, regards, Thomas

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