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Re: FLT CBFB when initializing second graphics card

On Mon, Nov 28, 2005 at 05:22:12PM +0100, Thomas Klinger wrote:
> We got the config so that the console is displayed with the default
> card, the X window system should go through the other card (our
> monitor has two line-in for and is able to switch automatically). Now
> what happens is that as soon as the Matrox card is initialized the
> screen goes black for a moment, the CDROM light flashes shortly and
> then the system is dead.
> The only message we see is FLT CBFB on the LCD display at the front of
> the workstation. On the screen we see as last message "Backtrace:"  at
> the bottom-left corner, that's all.

That's an HPMC (High Priority Machine Check).
A bit more info is available from the firmware: PIM dump.
See the "howto report kernel bugs":

The PIM dump should help you track down where it's dying in the code.

I'd also suggest posting the PIM dump to the parisc-linux mailing list
instead of debian-hppa if you need help decoding it.


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