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Disk problems on sarti?


I fear sarti might have problems with the harddisk.  In #340279 it has
been reported that mysql-dfsg FTBFS because installing tetex-bin
fails, the buildd log is at 


The error messages in the log indicate that the file cp227.tcx is both
present and not present.  The file is looked for during the creation of
9 TeX formats, and should be found because it is installed by
tetex-base_3.0-10.  According to the log, it is not found in only 3 out
of 9 cases.  Since the warning is not fatal, it is probably even found
by lamed which is the second format that fails to build.  Although the
failure must have a different reason, the file cannot be both present
and not present - or there is a filesystem corruption or harddisk
problem on sarti.  If this is true, it is probably also the reason for
the install failure.

Since I have no read access to /var/debbuild, I cannot even check, let
alone fix it.  If anybody can access this directory, it would be
interesting to save the file /tmp/tetex.postinst.XXEkgDcr that is
referenced in the buildd log (at least if it isn't completely clear soon
that it is in fact a hardware problem).

TIA, Frank
Frank Küster
Inst. f. Biochemie der Univ. Zürich
Debian Developer

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