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wrong kernel...

I'm trying some to install Debian Linux 2.6.8 hppa Sarge on a HP 9000/C110 PA-Risc machine.
I 've downloaded the iso-files and wrote them to a CD-R, which worked perfectly.
I managed to go through the complete installation procedure without to many concerns.
Unfortunately the machine hangs during booting; last message on the screen is "HP SDC MLC: Registering the system Domain Controller's HIL MLC"
I found some info on the Net about this problem, and the solution would be to install another kernel from the CD (kernel-image-2.6.8 instead of ...2.6.8-smp). Even the way to do it, is explained : using "chroot" and "dpkg", sometimes "apt-get" commands after entering the Shell in the debian installer.
Unfortunately : dpkg, apt, chroot, aptitude and dselect  are "not found" ("/bin/sh: dpkg: not found").
Is there a way to force the Debian Install to choose the kernel I want (the one without -smp) ? Or is there another way to go ?
Thanks in advance.

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