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Re: wrong kernel...

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>From      : "Meuleman" Filip.Meuleman@lid.kviv.be
To          : "Joel Soete" joel.soete@tiscali.be
CC          : debian-hppa@lists.debian.org
Date      : Wed, 2 Nov 2005 23:14:16 +0100
Subject : Re: wrong kernel...

> Well, sometimes a solution to a problem is just to simple (afterwards).
> In the end I'm not quite sure (after evereything I tried), but it seems to
> be enough to activate the magic Expert Mode in the installation tool.
> This means : during the CD-boot and CD-installation process, just choose the
> option "BACK" a few times untill the Menu screen appears; Set the
> Debconf-Priority to Low. And than, at the right point during installation,
> debian-installer will show a list of available kernels on the CD and you can
> select the one you need... That's it.
> After that stage, further installation was quite straightforward.
> For everyone's intrest : before this second stage, apt-get, dpkg, dselect,
> chroot and a lot of other things are not installed yet. I only found udpkg,
> but it didn't do just what I wanted to.
> So, I'd say, don't waste time mounting and searching all directories on your
> devices and restarting the CD-installation over and over again : go for the
> Expert Mode !
> Thanks for the quick response, Joel.
mmm I would need to refresh my knowledge with a new install cd ;-)

but mainly thanks for your efforts, patience and feedback of your experience.

Nice job,

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