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Re: J5000 LCD heartbeat

On Sat, Mar 19, 2005 at 10:33:24PM +0000, David Pye wrote:
> The other thing is that the kernel version which is displayed on the lcd by 
> default is overwritten partly by a:
> INI CC01 
> It's not a huge issue for me, as I can overwrite it again by echo'ing my 
> message into /proc/pdc/lcd post boot.

This is the firmware showing the "Chassis Log" as emitted by the kernel.
Some platforms (e.g. A500/rp2470) use chassis logs to set the LED

> Is it possible to make the write to the display later in the boot process, so 
> it occurs after the INI CC01 is printed?

I would think it's possible.
You want to track down where the CC01 chassis_log is emitted then 
propose a better place to initialize LED display?

Another idea is the chassis log code might want to clear the LED
diplay when displaying a chassis log and then a few seconds later
refresh the LED display with the original contents or something.

> (Incidentally, the INI CC01 is only on the screen - /proc/pdc/led returns the 
> normal kernel version - I assume this is because the message was printed by 
> the hardware, itself?)

The firmware. IIRC, /proc/pdc/led just returns a cached value.


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