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Re: J5000 LCD heartbeat

On Saturday 19 March 2005 20:16, Joel Soete wrote:
> David Pye wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >While I'm at it,
> >
> >I've noticed my 'heart' icon on the LCD front panel blinks very
> > occasionally - most of the time it doesn't beat, at least, not regularly!
> Also noticed on my b2k ?)
> >Is this expected under Linux?

To answer my own question, it appears that it is not.

The code in drivers/parisc/led.c appears to suggest:

/* flash heartbeat-LED like a real heart (2 x short then a longdelay) */

I've tried upgrading to the latest sid parisc kernel (2.6.10-1-32-smp), and 
the problem is still the same.

The heart symbol does occasionally change state, but it certainly doesn't beat 
like a real one, or anything like it.

The other thing is that the kernel version which is displayed on the lcd by 
default is overwritten partly by a:


It's not a huge issue for me, as I can overwrite it again by echo'ing my 
message into /proc/pdc/lcd post boot.

Is it possible to make the write to the display later in the boot process, so 
it occurs after the INI CC01 is printed?

(Incidentally, the INI CC01 is only on the screen - /proc/pdc/led returns the 
normal kernel version - I assume this is because the message was printed by 
the hardware, itself?)



> but never have time to investigate in more detail (sorry)
> Hth,
>     Joel

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