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Re: Tried different images w/o success. Where do I get working ones?


I too ran into these problems while installing a 715/100 recently.
burnit@gmx.net schrieb:

Hello all,

today i downloaded several iso-images of the d-i for hppa:

1. netboot RC-2
2. netboot 2005-02-22
3. business 2005-02-22

Unfortuneatly I wasn't able to install debian with any of them.

Ad 1.) As described in bug #274536, the cp command got defunctional while
copying "console-data" (or -common, I can't remember). This seems similiar
to me with the problems I encountered in september 2004 (it was just a
different package then).
Without reading the buglist I think the problem with my 715/100 is the tag command queue. I used the same images and while copying the packages to the harddisc the queue runs full and the system crashs without any messages.

Ad 2.) The system hangs while reading the ramdisk. I can read only parts of
the output, as it gets rewritten in one row very fast. But at the beginning
it says sth. with "-28 != 32xxx" in it (I can't remember the values of xxx).
(Similiar to what Joey Hess said in his mail "hppa 2.6 badness", at least in
my eyes.) BTW: How can I pass boot arguments to the kernel? I tried

BOOT_PROMPT> Boot scsi.1.0 ramdisk_size=20000

but the kernel didn't seem to be impressed by this.

Ad 3.) The same as 2.)

So could someone please tell me, where I can find functional images? It
would be nice if I could avoid burning many useless ones, as my CD-ROM
doesn't cope with rewriteable media.
For me, the only image which enables me to install my 715/100 was 3.0r4. It worked like a charm and it's also faster then the newer images.

I have several old HP-machines I would like to install linux on and I'm
willing to do some testing. But at first I would finish one installation on
one machine (720/60).

Thanks in advance,



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