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Re: Tried different images w/o success. Where do I get working ones?

On Wed, Feb 23, 2005 at 03:37:51PM +0100, burnit@gmx.net wrote:
> Ad 2.) The system hangs while reading the ramdisk. I can read only parts of
> the output, as it gets rewritten in one row very fast. But at the beginning
> it says sth. with "-28 != 32xxx" in it (I can't remember the values of xxx).
> (Similiar to what Joey Hess said in his mail "hppa 2.6 badness", at least in
> my eyes.) BTW: How can I pass boot arguments to the kernel? I tried
> BOOT_PROMPT> Boot scsi.1.0 ramdisk_size=20000
> but the kernel didn't seem to be impressed by this.

try "boot scsi.1.0 ipl" [NB, may be "isl" instead of "ipl", I forget
for this box].  Then interact with palo to add new commands.

> I have several old HP-machines I would like to install linux on and I'm
> willing to do some testing. But at first I would finish one installation on
> one machine (720/60).

That is an old one ... I think you're the only person I know of still
using a 705/710/720/730/750 machine.  Some changes have been made
that should result in those machines running better (improved spinlock
code, for example), but they certainly don't get much testing.  You
may have more luck on a 712 if you have one ...

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