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Re: Woody won't boot after kernel update

On Wed, 2004-04-28 at 18:44, Damien Hubaux wrote:

> Temporary hack : move/rename scripts that update the clock in init.d
> My solution: buy a new motherboard battery

I got my machine running again by using Kyle McMartin's instructions to
boot into a shell and I removed the hwclock scripts. I also replaced the
battery, as it was completely empty. But these are both tempory hacks
because everytime I access the rtc, e.g. give a date command like 

date -s "04/30/04 21:00"

the systems locks up. So I think it's a problem in the kernel part for
accessing the rtc. To avoid lock ups I removed /dev/rtc so the worst
thing happening is an error message.

Thank you so far.

Kind regards, 
Roland Leurs

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