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Re: Woody won't boot after kernel update

On Wed, Apr 28, 2004 at 06:16:34PM +0200, Roland Leurs wrote:
> I'm having some problems booting my Apollo 715/50 after installing a new
> kernel. I installed palinux-32-2.4.26-pa1_0-2_all.deb and now it keeps
> waiting after setting the system time using the hardware clock. The

Try booting with init=/bin/sh on the command line (you'll have to edit
the command line using palo), and try removing the S50hwclock.sh symlink
from /etc/rcS.d (you'll have to manually mount your root filesystem rw).
Reboot your system and see if it succeeds in coming up, if it does, then
hwclock.sh is the problem, and we can try to fix it. If it doesn't, try
repearing for the next couple scripts in rcS.d.

> heartbeat led flashes two times quickly, waits two seconds and so on. I
> cannot find this behavior in the service manual.
This is standard behaviour with CONFIG_CHASSIS_LCD_LED set. If you think
about it for a second, it's in rhythm just like the human heart.

Kyle McMartin

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