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Re: Woody won't boot after kernel update

On Wed, Apr 28, 2004 at 06:16:34PM +0200, Roland Leurs wrote:
> I'm having some problems booting my Apollo 715/50 after installing a new
> kernel. I installed palinux-32-2.4.26-pa1_0-2_all.deb and now it keeps
> waiting after setting the system time using the hardware clock. The
> heartbeat led flashes two times quickly, waits two seconds and so on. I
> cannot find this behavior in the service manual.
> Any hints?

It sounds like a problem with the kernel, not HW.
Heartbeat means kernel interrupts are still running and not locked up.
Please report to parisc-linux mailing list where some 715/x folks
can better help you.


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