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Re: shiny new rp2430 (A400) won't boot :-(

On Wed, Apr 28, 2004 at 10:00:24AM -0500, Glascock, Donald S. wrote:
>   The prevailing feeling here is that the simplest install method
> ought to work:

"simplest" really depends on your PoV.
Technically, CD-ROM is more of a PITA to get working than network
since servers usually only use CD-ROM for install.
Especially since debian really wants the network working
anyway for updates.

I understand where you are coming from though.

>   if the problem that prevents a successful install
> of Debian 3.0 on an rp2430 was resolved in 2002, the 3.0r2 CDs
> downloaded in April of 2004 should be up-to-date. (Do let me
> know if I've misunderstood the postings which seem to indicate
> this to be the case.)

Officially, HP has not made any effort to test install CDs on anything
newer than Debian 3.0r0 on PA8500 A500s. It's feedback like this from
users that is the first step towards fixing support for PA8700 boxes.

>   I sense that if any work whatsoever beyond
> a CD-rom install is needed, I will be directed to scrap our rp2430s
> in favor of new Dell servers on which we would run Fedora Core 2.

Send them my way. :^)

>   I hope to use one rp2430 as a CUPS print server, and another as an
> OS install server.  Later, another would be deployed as a replacement
> for a CD/DVD/PDF NFS/Samba cache server.

I use everything listed above except samba.

> For three machines offering
> relatively simple services to Pentium Linux boxes, HP-UX workstations,
> and Windows PCs, doing much more than installing from CD-rom is viewed
> as difficult to justify, since the kickstart/install process for the
> Fedora boxes is *relatively* well understood here.  Yet these rp2340s
> are very stable, and have fibre-channel cards with which I have good
> experience.  So I would like to see them used for these specific
> services.

In case it's relevant, hppa boxes are typically more immune to attacks
because of (a) upward growing stack and (b) few people understand
parisc assembly.

>   Fortunately there is not yet a huge rush to deploy these services,
> and it is my hope that the Sarge hppa CDs will resolve this issue for
> me, by giving me what I want at a cost in terms of time spent that my
> manager will accept.  After all, once the software is installed on
> the box, everything will work on the first try, won't it? :-)

Except for Samba (which *probably* will work too), I'm comfortable
CUPS/dhcp/tftp works fine.


>   Have a great day!
> Don
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> Sent: Wednesday, April 28, 2004 3:10 AM
> To: Glascock, Donald S.; debian-hppa@lists.debian.org
> Subject: RE: shiny new rp2430 (A400) won't boot :-(
> >  Are you recommending that I wait for the next release (3.0r3?),
> > burn those CDs, and see if things work better?
> Don't you have the opportunity to prepare your boot disk on an other system
> (even a 32bit machine is good enough) on which you can install a recent 64
> bit kernel of your choice for your A?
> If not prefer a netinst.iso (available near:
> <http://www.pateam.org/cd-images/testing/>)
> hth,
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