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RE: shiny new rp2430 (A400) won't boot :-(

Hi, Joel --

  The prevailing feeling here is that the simplest install method
ought to work:  if the problem that prevents a successful install
of Debian 3.0 on an rp2430 was resolved in 2002, the 3.0r2 CDs
downloaded in April of 2004 should be up-to-date.  (Do let me
know if I've misunderstood the postings which seem to indicate
this to be the case.)  I sense that if any work whatsoever beyond
a CD-rom install is needed, I will be directed to scrap our rp2430s
in favor of new Dell servers on which we would run Fedora Core 2.

  I hope to use one rp2430 as a CUPS print server, and another as an
OS install server.  Later, another would be deployed as a replacement
for a CD/DVD/PDF NFS/Samba cache server.  For three machines offering
relatively simple services to Pentium Linux boxes, HP-UX workstations,
and Windows PCs, doing much more than installing from CD-rom is viewed
as difficult to justify, since the kickstart/install process for the
Fedora boxes is *relatively* well understood here.  Yet these rp2340s
are very stable, and have fibre-channel cards with which I have good
experience.  So I would like to see them used for these specific

  Fortunately there is not yet a huge rush to deploy these services,
and it is my hope that the Sarge hppa CDs will resolve this issue for
me, by giving me what I want at a cost in terms of time spent that my
manager will accept.  After all, once the software is installed on
the box, everything will work on the first try, won't it? :-)

  Have a great day!


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Subject: RE: shiny new rp2430 (A400) won't boot :-(

>  Are you recommending that I wait for the next release (3.0r3?),
> burn those CDs, and see if things work better?

Don't you have the opportunity to prepare your boot disk on an other system
(even a 32bit machine is good enough) on which you can install a recent 64
bit kernel of your choice for your A?

If not prefer a netinst.iso (available near:



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