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Re: shiny new rp2430 (A400) won't boot :-(

On Mon, Apr 26, 2004 at 10:04:23AM -0500, Glascock, Donald S. wrote:
>   Sure -- here are the URLs of the two articles:
> http://lists.parisc-linux.org/hypermail/parisc-linux/8360.html
> http://lists.parisc-linux.org/hypermail/parisc-linux/8361.html


>   You're correct that the articles are old, of course, but the point
> of failure in the boot process so precisely matches that described
> in this first article that the uninitiated like me would wonder if
> they aren't the same issue.

they probably are - you are probably using the exact same kernel :^)

>   Are you recommending that I wait for the next release (3.0r3?),
> burn those CDs, and see if things work better?
> If so, are there estimates for the release of the next version?

I don't know when 3.0r3 will release and even if it does, it's not
likely to have a newer kernel unless someone makes the effort to fix it.
Can some debian-clueful person suggest where Donald can properly
file a bug so debian-hppa can update it's kernel on the 3.0 installer?

Right now, AFAIK, folks are beating on "sarge" installer since that
wasn't even building not so long ago. sarge release may obsolete
3.0 completely and we are hoping to ship that with a 2.6 kernel
that works fine on pa8700.

My preference is don't mess with CDs and setup a dhcp/tftp boot server
and follow the netinstall instructions. If that's not an option for you,
then burning the newer netinstall ISO's would be the next step.


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