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Re: B2000 and nvidia GFX card

J Cris Wade wrote:


I'm wondering if it would be possible to run an HP B2000 with an nvidia
graphics card.

The reason I'm asking is that the on-board GFX card went south (it seams
like the video ram went bad, or maby it's the DAC, I'm not sure).  Anyway,
it dosn't effect the stability of the machine... it's been running for a
couple of months with HPUX 11.0, and we can get to it via a network.
Since the warenty on the machine has lapsed, HP won't fix it..  so we're
left with a relatively useless workstation.
I was thinking that if I threw in a PCI video card (since it has several
PCI slots) I could make it into a usefull workstation again, but obviously
HPUX wouldn't like the PCI card unless I spent major $$ on a HP video
Do you have a look in the ml, I read some mail refering to such material on 'ebay' ?

I relise that I'll probably never see the boot process,

?? if you unplug mouse and kbd and plug a serial console (either a true serial hp console or a terminal emulation on a pce) in the serial port1, pdc will switch 'console' I/O to the serial port (true for hp-ux and hppa-linux, I work like this).

but that's OK...
I could use a serial consol to install the OS and setup X.  once X
started, then we could use it as a workstation...
In 'http://parisc-linux.org/mailing-lists/index.html' , I read some success with a voodoo card (never have the opportunity to find one ;( ). For my part, I try with an ATI (wich works on a C360) but failed on my b2k (the owner of c360 sended me it's config file and reference to the patch he used; but i don't have much time to track this pb :( ).


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