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Re: A180C Freeze at Rescue Floppy

On Wed, Jul 09, 2003 at 01:06:21PM -0500, David Douthitt wrote:
> Everything seems to go fine, but it freezes on a screen saying it is 
> loading a Rescue Floppy Image from the CD-ROM.
> I'm guessing that the system is looking for a floppy drive, of which 
> the A180C has none.

My guess is it's looking for certain files to install.
And it's not looking for a real floppy.
parisc-linux has never support floppy disk.
Can you cut/paste the serial console output?

> I don't relish the idea of using the network, but that's probably what 
> I'll do.  What's the deal with the Rescue Floppy?

It's just misnamed.
Best is to use the CD to boot, but then point the install process
at a debian mirror to get everything else.


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