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C360 Performance (Linux vs. HP/UX 11i)


I was wondering if anybody has performed any performance analysis of HP/UX
11i and everyone's favorite GNU/Linux port on a C360.  I'm going to be
using it for a general purpose server (ssh, Mysql, ftp, Qmail) and I'm
just curious.  All I have to baseline is the spec int95 and fp95 on HP/UX.
I've never seen any information about Linux on the PA-RISC platforms in any

In addition, I've also noticed that the C360 can support a 64-bit kernel.
With the hardware only supporting 1.5GB of RAM, is there any reason at all
that I would want to do this?  Or to put it another way, is there a
performance penalty for running a 32-bit kernel on a 64-bit cpu?

Thanks for all of your hard work and support.



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