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Re: 712 keyboard hung up at install


i really do not want to interfere with your very interesting arguments...
but could you possibly keep out any ironic moods out of this, jacek?

and by the way:

i own a 712 myself and it really works when setting it to serial console
and installing debian via serial nullmodem cable on it.and yes, i am also aware of problems with hung keyboards in the past.
but i can just tell you what you already know,
that sometimes it just doesn`t work for any reason :-(

but as you may see, everybody does it their way.
some like it hard and lasting.
some like it easy and straightforward.

why don`t you just invest a bunch of euros for such a cheap cable that you
can always use again and again when setting up your next headless box :-)
think of it but don`t feel punished or mistreated ...

thanks in advance,



PS: did you try plugging in the ps2 mouse in the mouse port or if it was
plugged, pulling it out? (just an idea)

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