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Re: 712 keyboard hung up at install

On Fri, Feb 21, 2003 at 10:52:37PM +0100, jacek lempicki wrote:
> - I have _no_ problem at BOOT_ADMIN (one, not very
> important notice however : the keyboard's leds have a
> strange behaviour, it's confirmed this january by
> Thomes Themel  <20030116171711.GA26639@iwoars.net>)
> - I _can_ to change the boot args at isl ; even it's
> not necessary beceause TERM is set to 'linux' there
> - There is the setting in the inittab called script
> "udbootstrap" which change TERM to "vt102" ; I suppose
> this setting to make my kbd hang up with ncurses
> behaviour
> - So I have two issues 
> i) Try tty boot : I have no rs232 cable and never do
> it 
> ii) Try to modify udbootstrap script : I have some
> experiance and I don't need any hardware
> - I suppose there is a script to assembly the lifimage
> from the kernel, the compressed root and I don't know
> what else. If I can to have this, I can make my
> adjustments.

palo is used to construct the lifimage from kernel and initrd.
I don't believe your problem is with the TERM setting though.
Have you tried a different make/model of keyboard (or at least a
different physical keyboard)?

You could try simply adding "init=/bin/sh" to the boot params (like you
added nolangchooser), and see if the keyboard works then.  Also look
closely at the boot messages as they scroll past, for ones relating to
ps2/keyboard - something like 'no keyboard present' would indicate a
problem between your keyboard and the kernel driver.


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