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Re: impossible to upgrade

> > The problem here is that libc6 refuses to be installed on older
> > kernel.  How dangerous new libc6 running on old kernel?
> This is answered above: "Earlier kernels did not provide the proper
> functionality..."

to be a bit more concrete, if you install the new glibc with an older
kernel, apt will stop working (actually, fcntl stops working). Is that
dangerous enough? :-)

otoh, not having a clean upgrade path from e.g. woody is a bad thing...
i wonder how we should fix this.

> > Is there any problem in this way?
> Yes, warnings aren't good enough.

i agree with Grant, it's better to make upgrading a bit more difficult,
then to break the system.

> Personally, I would try force install the kernel-image-24.19-64 package,
> reboot, and then let dselect clean up the remaining mess.
> No promises that will actually work since I haven't done it.

yup, this should work. Alternatively just build a new 2.4.19/20 kernel 
yourself, boot with that, and then do the glibc upgrade.

Randolph Chung
Debian GNU/Linux Developer, hppa/ia64 ports

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