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Linux on IBM AS/400

sorry for the second post, i forgot one thing:

http://www-1.ibm.com/servers/eserver/iseries/linux/ states that it is
possible to install linux powerpc in a LPAR (logical partition, something
like vmware, a guest operation system is encapsulated in the main
operating system, used on AS/400 and OS/390 hosts), but i am afraid that
your machine may be too old to be supported or that you will not get the
necessary software without spending a fortune on bribing an IBM sales guy
for giving it to you ...
anyway, good luck and happy holidays ;-)

> hi
> ... just a little housekeeping, boys ;-)
> /ignore flames regex// all
> now, to answer your question:
> AS400 run (if i remember correctly) ONLY the OS/400 Operating System
> courtesy of International Business Machines, also, to make things
> worse, the AS400 uses proprietaere startup procedures (means: no BIOS
> or BOOT thingies), busses (cards that you plug into it to attach
> controllers and terminal multiplexers and plotters and tape decks and
> stuff like that) and even the microcode which will never let it run
> anything
> unix/linux/aix-like, i consider this a feature of this "always on
> rocksolid
> once-in-a-while-i-configured-an-as400-to-run-and-it-ran-and-it-ran-and-it-ran-and-it-ran"> attitude :-)
> correct me if necessary,
> bye, alex
> (sitting at work and lounging around)
>> I  would like to install debian on AS400 type 9401 model 150.
>> I don't know what kind of processor i have please reply me to tell me
>> the debian release to install.
>> Sincerely.
>> agb_media@hotmail.com
>> sirip@wanadoo.fr
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