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Re: Install questions on c180

jmd wrote:
> 1. my firmware is 5.0. i see there is a 6.1 and i am wondering if the
> upgrade would be worth the time. i subscribe to the idea that if not
> necessary don't upgrade the firmware in any box.

Read the FAQ at www.parisc-linux.org.
(See #7)

However, with C180, I'd consider it in order to avoid the "Dino
Silent Data Corruption" problems with older 2.x Dino chips.

> also.. the install
> instructions mention *tape*. is this a literal tape drive? can i use a
> cdrom or floppy?

can use *any* bootable device including network or other SCSI hard disk.

> 2. my graphics adapter is an A4070-26504 Rev B with Z buffer (A4242-6601
> Rev A) is this supported? can anyone point me in the direction of info
> on this card? i tried partsurfer and a google search but no info came
> up.

Check ESIEE website (link are on www.p-l.o) - many of the "High End" gfx
cards aren't supported for lack of documentation.

> 3. when i boot the cdrom i elected to use the IPL and had an option to
> edit the boot command line. i could not get the console changed to
> either the graphics (0) or graphics (3) instead of the tty0. am i asking
> for too much here? i am assuming that it defaults to the serial port.

The install CD should switch to whatever console you booted with
*IFF* it's a supported graphics or serial device.  For console,
all devices support "STI" (text mode) interfaces and parisc-linux
kernel has a driver to use STI interface.


ps. many of these questions might already be answered in
mail archives on lists.parisc-linux.org

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