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Re: Serial port and network

Thanks a lot to take time to answer me.  I answer
you in the message...

> > If I try to do:
> > setserial -a /dev/ttyS1 baud_base 38400
> As far as I know these machines support 9600 baud only ...

Ok.  I try now with 9600.  There is a 16550 on the board.
So... should go up to 115200?  But for now, it's ok
to test with 9600 to be sure.

> > I receive an error:
> > "Cannot set serial info: Address already in use"
> > setserial -a give me:
> > /dev/ttyS1, Line 1, Uart: 16550A, Port: 0x0000, IRQ: 121
>                                         ^^^^^^
> Use setserial to change the port-address to the the actual adress beeing reported by the
> bootmessages.  

Yeah! good.  Now, I am be able to set baud etc.  With the adress.
I used: (for ttyS1) 0xf0202800

I don't have error now when I try to change baud_base.  But...

If now I try to do pppd &  (with parmeters in /etc/ppp/options)
I have this:
sent [LCP ConfReq id=0x1 <asynmap 0x0> <magi 0x4e302ccd> <pcomp>
read: Ressource temporarily unavailable
read /dev/ppp: Ressource temporarily unavaible

(these messages 10 times)

[1]+ Exit 10 pppd

> > kernel: 2.4.17-32 parisc
> Better get yourself at least 2.4.19-pa24

Of course!  What's I want to do!  I want to enable PPP over
the serial to my other PC Debian to be able to fetch the new
kernel and all updates...  ;o)

Also, I am not familiar with this kind of industrial computer.
There is a DB9 connector for network at rear of the machine.
What do I need to connect it to my HUB (RJ45 Ethernet).?

And finally, to have an idea, 715/100 PA-RISC is equivalent
of wich Intel Pentium speed?  I know it's not the same at all
and there is a lot a variables to measure computer performances 
but anyway, just to have an idea ?

Thanks a lot!

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