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Re: mouse locks after logging out of KDE, and does EISA slot work on 735/99?

On Sat, Nov 30, 2002 at 12:29:59PM -0500, Nick Kwarciak wrote:
> 1) My 735 has an EISA slot (in the same pull out compartment as the
> power supply.) I was told that this might be some sort of proprietary
> hardware that is different than the EISA or ISA cards one would use on
> a pc or what not. Is this in fact true? Or should an ISA card from a pc
> (like a controller card, network card, video card, etc) work? It does
> at least appear to have the same connection as a standard ISA card and
> I was able to fit in a couple of old ISA cards I had laying around from
> various old pcs. If it is possible to get ISA cards working in this
> machine, are there any particular settings or what not that would have
> to be done? In particular I am thinking of putting an IDE controller
> card in so I can get some of my IDE hard disks working in the machine
> (SCSI disks are so expensive in comparison.) Any feedback on getting an
> ISA card working would be appreciated.

EISA & ISA cards will work in that slot, providing they don't do DMA to
the host.  That's only because nobody's written the code yet, not because
of an inherent limitation in the hardware.

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