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Re: Need help with setting up X on a 9000/725/100 (long)

"PASSELL,BOB (HP-USA,ex1)" wrote:
> I have it installed on a 9000/725/100 with the A4071B
> PCI graphics card and I cannot get X to start.

matly wanted to point out 725 doesn't have PCI slots.

> Works fine otherwise in
> character mode, though. When X tries to start, it fails after what appears
> to be three tries, as measured by the number of times the screen goes blank.

Sounds like you need to match the resolution of XF86 config file to
whatever the STI/Firmware thinks it can display.
X11 server should only try one resolution, not several.

> (II) FBDev(0): using default device
> (II) Running in FRAMEBUFFER Mode
> (**) FBDev(0): Depth 8, (--) framebuffer bpp 8
> (**) FBDev(0): Default mode "1024x768": 44.9 MHz (scaled from 0.0 MHz), 35.5
> kHz, 87.0 Hz (I)

Make sure the video card not only supports 1024x768x8 but is also
actually set in that mode.

> So, I think the problem is that I don't have an X device, most likely
> because I don't have the driver for the A4071B PCI graphics card.

Check console logs - dmesg output at boot time will tell you.
If you get a penguin in the top left corner, you've got an FBdev.
Check the FAQ on www.parisc-linux.org for graphics cfg questions.

> If it's a driver that is needed, I'd appreciate a tip on
> what driver it is or might be, where to find it (it's on one of the six
> disks, no doubt), and a pointer to the Debian How-To for adding a driver to
> your kernel on HPPA.  Thanks in advance to anyone who desires to dig in and
> help.

AFAIK, no additional driver is available. We only have frame buffer support
for a limited number of cards.

If you to chase this further, try the parisc-linux mailing list instead.
(See lists.parisc-linux.org)


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