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K Class boxes and HPPA Linux

I've got a K570 I loaded it on. Not sure about the K460, but the K570 didn't
have a 16550 uart, so booting with serial console I had to use the
'console=ttyB0' option. My 100BaseT network interfaces didn't have any
drivers, however, which was a bit of a show stopper for me.

YMWDV (Your milage will definitely vary).


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Sent: Saturday, November 23, 2002 10:55 PM
Subject: Info Please

> Hello, I will soon be attempting to install Woody on a HP 9000-K460.  It
> 4 CPUs currently installed.  I have obtained the CDs and before I get
> started was curious about how others may have faired with the K class
>   A quick check on the list didn't reveal any K460s.
> Is there any significant things I should do before the install?
> Understand that a uniprocessor kernel will probably load and I will be
> wanting a SMP kernel to utilize the other processors.  Is there any
> with recompiling the kernel for multiprocessor support?
> The box currently has minimal disk attached, we can increase capacity.
> Since we have not dealt with Debian before, SUSE & Mandrake, how much disk
> space would a development environment need?
> Noticed GLIBC work recently updated.  Is there a list of packages which
> been updated since Woody's release for the HPPA version?  Any
> recommendations which ones are must haves?
> Phil Roberts - newbie
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