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RE: Info Please

Hi Phil -

I have it running on a K200 with 3 CPU's.  pretty much followed the
readme, watching the PDC (ttyB0) stuff closely - if yours has a graphics
card/monitor/keyboard, that won't be an issue.  It will install with a
uniprocessor and you'll have to compile a new kernel to get SMP support.
Compiling is easy (but slow on my machine), making sure that you pick
the right configuration options was sort of hit and miss for me.  I
can't speak to a development environment, but mine has 8 2gb drives
(which are being replaced with 4.3gb drives).  I've set one up as the
boot/swap drive, the other seven as a raid 5 array with 6 for data and
one for a spare.  It seems pretty stable, but I'm still playing with
benchmarks, chunk size, etc.  None of the HP-PB cards work.  Good luck
with yours and let us know how it turns out.


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Hello, I will soon be attempting to install Woody on a HP 9000-K460.  It
4 CPUs currently installed.  I have obtained the CDs and before I get 
started was curious about how others may have faired with the K class
  A quick check on the list didn't reveal any K460s.

Is there any significant things I should do before the install?
Understand that a uniprocessor kernel will probably load and I will be 
wanting a SMP kernel to utilize the other processors.  Is there any
with recompiling the kernel for multiprocessor support?

The box currently has minimal disk attached, we can increase capacity.  
Since we have not dealt with Debian before, SUSE & Mandrake, how much
space would a development environment need?

Noticed GLIBC work recently updated.  Is there a list of packages which
been updated since Woody's release for the HPPA version?  Any 
recommendations which ones are must haves?

Phil Roberts - newbie

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