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new to list and new to hppa


i am a hobbyist and have recently purchased an hp c180. i am trying to
install debian with the latest net install (nov 6 i think) and i
encounter a problem. i can get the cdrom to boot but it hangs when it
changes to console. i am assuming what has happened is a redirect to the
framebuffer (proper name?) instead of the graphics card that is
installed. if so, i will have to wait for the adapter to arrive on

is there a way to identify my graphics card? it does have a 15 pin vga
(hpux boots to login screen thru this card, but i do not have a
password) and it is located in an ISA (or is it EISA?) slot. any info on
hardware identifying would be appreciated so i can dig thru FAQs better.

the box is:
c180 with 256M memory, 2+G scsi drive, floppy and the above graphics

i have used linux as primary desktop on intel for several years and have
used linux on alpha and sparc too.

thanks for any info
jeff duncan

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