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Re: crosscompiling kernel

> So, I have to use the file 'lifimage', not 'vmlinux'?
> or whicht file? both are in the main dir
> (/usr/src/kernel-source-2.4.19-hppa).

if you are doing a network boot, you want 'lifimage', and you can build
the kernel using 'make palo'

if you are booting locally, then you can just build using 'make vmlinux'
and use the 'vmlinux' file directly.

> Another question is:
> can palo have a selection with more than one kernel? Like lilo and silo
> can. Or is only the recoverykernel possible?

it's possible to boot almost any kernel at startup time. palo has a
small editor that lets you choose which kernel to boot. 

for more details, you should read the palinux boot faq at


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