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Re: HP 715/75 hardware problem?

On Sat, Sep 14, 2002 at 11:06:48PM -0500, Alan A. barhorst wrote:
} Hello, I thank the Debian team that ported to HP PA.  I am wondering if 
} there are any hardware savvy folks on this list.  My 715/75 seems to 
} have a power supply problem in that it runs for about 5 minutes then 
} shuts off as if it is getting hot or something.  Has anyone run into 
} this problem?  If so what was your solution?  I took the power supply 
} out and inspected it for any crispy fried parts and there seemed to be 
} no evidence of overheating.

The power supplies in the 715/75 are notoriously bad (but the other 715s
power supplies fail too).  I just swap in a new one.  I think 715 power
supplies are pretty interchangable.


   E Frank Ball                frankb@efball.com

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