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Virgin Newbie: Need help getting X working on 712/80

Hello all,


I'm so new to to Linux it is silly.  I'm reading everything I can get my hands on.  I can't get X to work on my HP 712/80. 

I've tried a XF86Config file from the list, but it bombed out.

I've tried a XF86Config-4 file from the list, but it bombed out too.


Every time I try to run xinit, I'm getting "can't open display".

From previous messages read, I figure I must have to use the framebuffer stuff...but HOW?  I used the fbdev tag in the XF86Config file, and it seems to get a bit further, but still can't open the display.


I need some idiot guide steps in the right direction....Please be patient with me.





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