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Re: php4 sessions

> ----- Forwarded message from Hans Fugal <hans@fugal.net> -----
> Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2002 09:39:33 -0600
> From: Hans Fugal <hans@fugal.net>
> Here is the simple script I put together (lifted verbatim from
> Programming PHP):


> It behaves as expected. See for yourself at
> http://hans.fugal.net/ws/session.php
> It looks to me like it's saving variables. I just looked in /tmp and
> there's a few sess_* files and a session_mm_apache0.sem file.  Closer
> inspection showed that most of them were from squirrelmail, and a
> from my test page. So if it doesn't work for you perhaps squirrelmail
> changed a setting somewhere to make it work for me... Further research
> would probably be necessary.

Curious, to say the least.  Further research may be fun, may be not.  :)
I know sessions were broken on my PPC until 4.2.x, no matter what
combination of php.ini changes were made.  I'm fairly sure that was the
case on Sparc too, but since I didn't have one to test on, I can't say
for sure.  Unfortunately, it's too late to change the README, so
hopefully people who really want sessions to work will be willing to
experiment despite my note telling them that it's not worth the effort.

My hope is to have every "gotcha" note removed from README.Debian by the
time woody+1 is released, and I'm working towards that... The packaging
gotchas are easier, the endian weirdness between unserializer, mmap, etc
have been odd to say the least.

Consider this an open invite for people to read the README.Debian in
4.2.1 (it has the files/mm workaround listed, which seems to
consistently work in that version), dig through the 4.2.1 source, and
find the REAL bug.  I'm too busy with finding a new job and packaging
concerns to dig too deeply in the source (and upstream doesn't seem to
care about non-x86, unless the bug comes with a patch attached).

... Adam

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