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Re: 712-60 XFree86 mouse driver problems

Yes, I'm having similar things happening here. I have
KDE and KDM running, just using /dev/psaux and protocol

On KDM startup, the mouse works ok, but after logging in
and out, it no longer works, I just have the X in the
middle of the KDM screen. I think toggling the consoles
may wake it up, or restarting kdm. Kind of defeats the
purpose, and maybe I'll just switch to "startx" instead,
I really dislike the display managers anyways.

I couldn't get gpm to detect my mouse or anything. Normally
I would use the repeater set to "raw", but it doesn't seem
to initialize.

I have no idea what /dev/ps2fu is, never heard of such a
thing. Is this some kind of hppa-specific kluge?

- Doug

Martin-Éric Racine wrote:
> On Wed, 5 Jun 2002, M. Grabert wrote:
>>On Tue, 4 Jun 2002, B. Douglas Hilton wrote:
>>>Install Notes: "gpm" doesn't seem to work for me, although I
>>>am running a Dexxa Optical Wheel Mouse through a KVM switch.
>>>I just set X to "PS/2" and it worked ( but no mouse wheel ).
>>Try ImPS/2 or ExplorerPS/2 instead and add a line
>>Option "ZAxisMapping" "4 5"
>>in the InputDevice Section
> On my 712-60, I've had to call my mouse "ps2fu" in gpm.conf but enabling the
> same repeater didn't get X to use it.  Anyhow, the problem with fups2 is that
> every time I exit Gnome and X is restarted by gdm, the mouse in X no longer
> works so I have to ctrl-alt-back kill X to reinitialize the mouse again.
> Meanwhile, that same fups2 driver seems to work as expected on consoles and
> never caused me any problem.

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