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Re: [parisc-linux] 712-60 XFree86 mouse driver problems

Martin-Éric Racine wrote: 
> On my 712-60, I've had to call my mouse "ps2fu" in gpm.conf but enabling the
> same repeater didn't get X to use it.  Anyhow, the problem with fups2 is that
> every time I exit Gnome and X is restarted by gdm, the mouse in X no longer
> works so I have to ctrl-alt-back kill X to reinitialize the mouse again.

There may be problems, if you run gpm while running X. You can try to switch of
gpm when running X. 

Another possibility is to use the gpm repeater for X as well. 
Try to change your X11 mouse configuration to the following one, and make sure
gpm runs while using X.

Section "Pointer"
  Protocol              "MouseSystems"
  Device                "/dev/gpmdata"
  SampleRate            60
  BaudRate              1200


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