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Mozilla 0.9.9 - What is the status?

Hi there. Recently, I filed a bug report to Mozilla people about it
crashing before any user-interface or such appears on XServer. 


Obviously, I was too hasty for filing it as HPPA-Linux is not even a
platform they support. 

So, has anybody succesfully ran Mozilla? I have tried the following:

1. debian binary package which apt-get gave, mozilla-
   browser_0.9.9-6_hppa.deb which, as "dpkg -I" reports, is maintained by 
   Takuo KITAME <kitame@northeye.org> but he seems to be the maintainer of
   all mozilla-packages for all platforms, so, I assume [s]he has not
   actually put together this HPPA-port.
2. debian source package(apt-get --compile source)
3. tried vanilla sources from mozilla.org - heh, those do not have the
   support at all
4. tried to copy the stuff from debian-source-package that has the basic
   info about hppa-linux(byte ordering, word length etc.) to vanilla
   source. I really did not read all diff -printout so this was a doomed
   idea from beginning...

1. segfault when trying to run
2. -''-
3. does not compile
4. did compile with huge piles of warnings -> was not able to link

So, are there anybody who knows anything about this? Who has done this
hppa-linux port? Should it work or is it crashing for all you guys? As
somebody already have done something, can I try to assist? Where's the
cvs-server? What else? 

If we get this to work, we should send the patches to mozilla.org so they
could add the platform-support in main source tree. 

Jarkko Hakala

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