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Re: hppa internal compiler error problem

Matthew Wilcox writes:
 > First, this file has -funroll-loops specified on the command line (unlike
 > any other file).  -funroll-loops is notoriously fragile, and it wouldn't
 > surprise me to hear this is the cause.

It really is, thanks.

 > Secondly, this file compiled successfully on the buildd on Jan 31st.
 > It then failed on March 31st.  So whatever change that caused this was
 > introduced during this period.

I think gcc changed.

 > Thirdly, this program has never compiled on hppa :-)  The cause of this for the -3 build was:
 > tela.C:713: no matching function for call to `std::basic_ifstream<char, 
 >    std::char_traits<char> >::basic_ifstream(int)'

This was what was fixed in this latest version of tela.

It was really easy to check for myself, once I relized I didn't need
to configure, I could just run "g++ ... objarithm.C" in the unpacked
source.  Almost too easy, no need for blas etc:)

Thanks for the help!


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