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Re: System failures: LEDs 1, 2 & 6


> Your questions suggest a tie between the software and the hardware.
> Can you elaborate?

Just about everything on those systems is software programmable
(including the LED's via the GSC bus).

With an unstable arch like PARISC you should try to keep on-top of the
latest release since it helps developers minimize bug tracking :)


- ISO 0.9.3
- kernel 2.4.18-paXX
- debian updates

Please please with-sugar-on-top update :)

PCX-T FRU could indicate a number of things: bad memory, bad mobo,
bad lots of stuff (depending on other LEDS). I don't have any manuals
with me so I can't verify that.

In general the most common issue I've had is improperly
seated RAM whose connectors are now covered in dust and fail 
intermittently (ever clean out the inside of a 10 year old computer?).

Try taking out, cleaning, and re-seating all the RAM in the box.
If that doesn't work, then take out RAM in pairs.

Reduce the test case to one box and see how long you can have it up 
and running (attach a serial console to machine in question).


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