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Re: System failures: LEDs 1, 2 & 6

> We have managed to get our "cluster" of 15 or so 715/75's running, but
> have had 3 unexplained system failures.  They run for a while (they are
> on continuously) and then die of a hardware failure.  As indicated on
> the Subject line, LED's 1, 2 and 6 come on when they stop.
> Checking what little documentation that we have, it appears that these
> 3 lights  reflect something called a "PCX-T FRU", which, as near as we
> can tell is the CPU.

We run a cluster of 50+ 715/50's (even older) boxes with no problem.
They get warm, but they don't fail.  The largest problem we've had is
keeping the old SCSI drives alive, and when they fail we move them into
a diskless setup.

a. What kernel are you running?
b. What ISO did you install from?
c. Have up apt-get update/upgrade'd in a while?
d. Do you have serial console to watch for a kernel oops?
	- Or log indicating any failure?


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