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Cross Compiler HOWTO - v1.2 (GCC 3.1 updates and more)

Parisc, Debian-hppa,

PARISC-Linux Cross Compiler HOWTO - v1.2 

When you're 715/50 just can't compile fast enough...


- Updated examples.
- Updated many things.
- Printable pdf version online (as requested by some people).
- GCC section includes info on building GCC 3.1 from upstream CVS.
- Fixed tpyos.

I've tested this from start to end and it's getting really easy
to roll your own tool-chain! Thank go to all the hard-working people
who make it happen :)

I tested:

GCC 3.0.2 20010905

To build a cross-compiler from:

GCC 3.1 20020418
Binutils (latest in debian pool)
Glibc 2.2.5-4 (latest in debian pool)


If you would like to link against something then link against:

Which is where the document will reside soon.

You can grab a tarball of the directory at:


Many thanks to Dave, Randolph and Willy who tolerate my incessant
24/7 learning... :)


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