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libdb3 NMUs required

Due to the breakage involved with libdb3's symbol versioning in
libdb3-3.2.9-15, libraries compiled against this version are almost
useless for building against.  For example,


shows abiword failing to build on ARM because it's linked against
libgnomeprint15, which was compiled against libdb3 3.2.9-15.  So it's
time for massive NMUs, I'm afraid.  On your architecture of choice, run:

for i in $(apt-cache showpkg libdb3 |grep 3.2.9-15 |sed 's:,.*$::'); do apt-cache showsrc $i |head -1; done |sort |uniq |sed 's:P.* ::'

This will tell you which packages may need to be NMUd.  You only _need_
to NMU the ones which deliver libraries, but if you cn't be bothered to
work out which ones do, NMUing too many packages is just fine.

I think only arm and hppa are affected by this bug ... if anyone knows
better, please forward as appropriate.

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