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That was a bit of an anti-climax :-)

There I was, expecting to regale you with tales of trauma and woe, and,
well, I can't.

It Just Worked.

I had three really big challenges:

1. Locate a null-modem cable.
2. Figure out why serial comms wasn't working (it was because I had
disabled my PC's serial ports in the BIOS. Duh.)
3. Get the D330's front back on :)

Well, I set up the dhcp package on the host machine, plonked the
lifimage in the right place, and gave the booting-off-the-network a
swing. Worked. The boot sequence hung as predicted in Bill's message.

Cue me dismantling the D330 to get the management card out. That's one
honking big card.

Reboot, all is well. 

fdisk my way to a system with a bunch of Linux partitions. Am impressed
that ext3 is offered. I use it.

Install kernel.

Coo. Apparently I can just slurp my base system off the internet. I do


Usual post-install tasks out of the way, and I'm good to go.

It's true what my friend Bryan says.

Debian is sex.

Peter Whysall
The TLD in my email address is sdrawkcab.
Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 sid -- kernel 2.4.18

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