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HP9000-C200 which nic is installed ?

Hello fellow users !
I am completely new to Linux, and since I´ve decided that my first experiences
are to be with a HP9000-C200, PARisc workstation I'm having some problems...
I've finally got the system booted using a nullmodem and a terminal program on
a win machine - and now in the progress of installing Linux.
I've come to the part where I should install the NIC, and since I'm absolutely
clueless as to which NIC is installed I'm actually stuck here !!!
I've tried to choose the "dummy" driver, but then the machine hangs, all listed
NIC's are preceeded with a "-" - so I guess Linux has not been able to autodetect
the onboard NIC.
Please - can someone help me get on with this - for me - new world of Linux ??
Brgds Henning, Denmark (Newbie)

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