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Re: Preparing to install on HP9000 D330

Peter Whysall wrote:
> Basically, as I see it now, the order of ceremonies goes something like
> this:
> 1. Connect serial cable from PC to D330.
> 2. Set up NFS and bootp servers on PC. Configure things. Put right files
> in right places.
> 3. Boot D330 from network.
> 4. Run fdisk. Blow away HP-UX partitions.
> 5. Smoke big self-congratulatory cigar at the death of proprietary UNIX.
> 6. Make sensible Linux partitions being sure that / is below 2G on the
> first disk and that PALO has a 16MB partition at the beginning of said
> first disk.
> 7. Format partitions.
> 8. Unpack tarball. Apt-get stuff.
> 9. Reboot, observing wondrousness of Debian Linux.
> Does that sound reasonable?

yup - good overview. A few important notes:

In step 3, you have to boot from a LIF IMAGE. not an ISO
or regular binary. One can build a LIF image with palo on
the PC running linux. I expect that's described in the HOW-TO XC
files off the main navigation bar (but haven't checked).

After 4, one should initialize/enable the swap partition.

And though it's a bit early to speak of the demise of proprietary UNIX,
step 5 should be last. ;^)


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