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Re: Preparing to install on HP9000 D330

On Wed, 2002-04-10 at 16:36, Grant Grundler wrote:
> Peter Whysall wrote:
> > And your reward? I'll document my adventures for your edificiation and amusem
> >   ent. 
> Have you checked the FAQ?
> Mail Archives?
> (hint start with www.parisc-linux.org)
> grant

Yep, got all the usual suspects lined up - parisc-linux.org, the pa-risc
network boot HOWTO, some helpful mailing list posts about setting up
bootp servers and wotnot.

Basically, as I see it now, the order of ceremonies goes something like

1. Connect serial cable from PC to D330.
2. Set up NFS and bootp servers on PC. Configure things. Put right files
in right places.
3. Boot D330 from network.
4. Run fdisk. Blow away HP-UX partitions.
5. Smoke big self-congratulatory cigar at the death of proprietary UNIX.
6. Make sensible Linux partitions being sure that / is below 2G on the
first disk and that PALO has a 16MB partition at the beginning of said
first disk.
7. Format partitions.
8. Unpack tarball. Apt-get stuff.
9. Reboot, observing wondrousness of Debian Linux.

Does that sound reasonable?

Peter Whysall
The TLD in my email address is sdrawkcab.
Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 sid -- kernel 2.4.18

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