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Preparing to install on HP9000 D330

Dear List

I've finally tired of HP-UX on the D330 I picked up some six months ago and was overjoyed to find that Debian is now usable on these boxes.

However, what I have found is that there's no clear path to enlightenment here - I intend to install across the network (I don't have a CDRW so cannot take the easier path of burnung a bootable CD. Anyway, network stuff is more fun.

I would be chuffed if you fine lot could point me in the general direction of some relevant documentation. Also, if the box isn't appropriate for this, I'd like to know before I zap all the partitions on it :)

Lastly, if anyone has any "if you remember nothing else remember this" type information, it'd be appreciated.

And your reward? I'll document my adventures for your edificiation and amusement. 

Take care,


Peter Whysall
The TLD in my email address is sdrawkcab.
Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 sid -- kernel 2.4.18

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