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Re: porting Mozart to alpha, arm, hppa, mipsel, s390

You appear to have skimmed over my explanations rather quickly.  Your
main disagreement seems to concern our refusal to recognize a platform
not officially supported.  I have explained some of our reasons.

> please understand where we are coming from, as porters for Debian we 
> try to get all the software available in the Debian archive to be
> available for all the platforms that we support

I understand and, believe me, I sympathize greatly.  I can only beg
for a similar understanding of where _we_ are coming from and of the
fact that Mozart is an atypical piece of software in its scope and

> 2. The build log shows that you are using ld to link. This is not 
> portable, you should use gcc to link your executables and libraries
> instead.

Not exactly, but I see what you are referring to.  ld was just the
default because the platform was not recognized.  Your suggestion is
very linux specific.  We need a command for creating a shared object
library: this is not just for building the system, but is also needed
after deployement for creating native functors. hmm... of course, if
we know we are building and deploying on Linux, we could guess gcc
-shared instead, but then this is exactly what we do when the platform
is recognized as linux*.  This command is different on every
platform.  This is one of the few places where we cannot do without a
case distinction according to the platform.


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